Monday, July 31, 2006

More Dope on Supersonic

I dug up some more, more, more stuff on the giant MFA art show called Supersonic in southern California. So all you kids out there- go to your faculty and demand to be an artstar!!

But seriously folks; I don't want a lot of flack about the quality of the schools involved and or any stuff about the great exhibition spaces that these schools might have. CMU has a pretty great one and I have seen images of Penn State's which is super deluxe-- my point is that very few people will get to see these shows. I think that Supersonic does not take the place of, but is in addition to the regular thesis shows. I also don't expect the effect of joint shows in Pittsburgh, to have anywhere near the same effect as one in an existing media capital. But, I do think it would greatly increase the chance of this work being seen at all.

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