Friday, July 28, 2006

Le Roy "King of Art" MFA Show

On Tuesday night I caught a ride up to IUP, a state university about an hour from Pittsburgh in the middle of f---king nowhere. It is a good school and sort of known for it's art department.

I went there For LeRoy's MFA show which was just kind of unreal. A perfectly orchestrated overload of visual data. I caught a ride up and forgot my camera so these are some images I copped from someone else. The show was very well organized and was all work I had never seen before. The Walls were completely covered in alternating arangements of eyes and kitchy triangles. Each one a separate world; combining longing, bitterness and fall on your ass humor.

The show was pretty well attended considering they threw him into the middle of the summer in the middle of nowhere. I was really happy that I got to see it. I miss a lot.

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