Thursday, July 06, 2006

In a Pittsburgh state of mind

First of all, I want to say that am a little afraid to make this post. But, I sort of already have a problem with Pittsburgh Bloggers. I mean they seem awsome and I get a lot out of what they are doing -- but. This rule bothers me a lot and I hope they will reconsider it.

"Second, the author of the blog must reside in southwestern Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh and the surrounding area) or spend an overwhelming majority of time in the Pittsburgh metro area. There currently is no hard and fast rule around what is acceptable, but (for example) State College would be too far. If someone is simply temporarily away but still has Pittsburgh as a residence would be OK. Ultimately, the maintainers of the website have final determination for listing/inclusion."

One overwhelming aspect of the city that I do not like is it's strange sense of isolation. Pittsburgh has a huge diaspora of ex yinnzers and thier kin as well as a number of people who just love the place or one aspect of it. I am blogging partly to try to link up with those people and give them a gathering place.

Please, get rid of this rule. If someone wants to start a blog in LA that talks about Pittburgh or the goings on of the extended Steeler Nation. List it.


JM Colberg said...

This bothers me about the locals, too: They're so insular and - often (but not always) - so painfully provincial. They really think Pittsburgh is the greatest place on Earth. Having lived in places like Paris, Stockholm and Boston, I can tell you: Pittsburgh is not the greatest place on Earth.

Susan Constanse said...

Yeah, that's a good point about the extended yinzer nation. I hope Pittsbugh.bloggers takes you up on the suggestion.

John Morris said...

That's why I put the Jessica Ciocci show in NY on. She is sort of a semi yinzer and part of an art collective that has no set location. Are we gonna have to have yinzer blood tests? I like the steelers but mine is actually not black and gold.

Leila said...

I totally agree with you, John. This requirement is asinine. This would exclude for instance all of CMU, Pitt, Duquesne and all other College alumni who have spent a good part of their lives here and still feel a connection. It excludes people who moved to adjacent Beaver, Butler, Washington counties for economic reasons. We want to INCREASE Pittsburgh connections with the rest of the country, not DECREASE it. I was in New Mexico last week and went to a sports bar to watch the Penguins game, and, sure enough, we met several people with Penguins hats or shirts who still cheer for the black and gold. Why would we exclude these people from the conversation? This kind of emotional connection makes many people eventually come back to Pittsburgh to live. So, down with this rule!