Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Allow me To Vent

Before, I get too caught up with all the local goings on that I started this blog to cover, I want to do this Post. Gratefully, a number of very intellegent bloggers have posted on one of the darkest recent developments in the art world-- The Decision, by a major Art Fair to exclude Print Dealers. Both Ed, and Heart AS Arena have done wonderfull posts on this subject and I think that the comments on thier blogs are facinating. Brent Burket really said it best by simply doing an extended series of posts showing an array of contemporary prints( here, here, here, here ) I think they go a long way in showing that artists working in print media are producing some of the most interesting work out there.

Here is a major quote from Heart As Arena, which leads into his posting an interview with a mega art collector.

"Editor's Note: For best effect, read this post while humming the melody to Napalm Death's classic, "Continuing War On Stupidity"Look. It's pretty simple here at Heart As Arena. I want to see art that moves me. I don't care who made it, what medium it is, where it's shown, or who's showing it. However, the art has to be shown to be seen. When that possibility is limited the teeth of my heart come out. Not because they're angry, but because they're hungry. One increasingly common cause for their hunger is the exclusion of prints at art fairs. These fairs are hated by many, but not by me (See above.). Stupidly expensive ticket prices and some truly horrible people are never enough keep me away. Not from a place where I can see so much art from so many galleries visiting from outside of New York.The Frieze Art Fair's decision to exclude print dealers this year was more than a little disheartening. In Ed Winkelman's spot-on piece regarding this dumbass move, he mentioned that The Armory Show might be next. Oy. Shall I mention that some of the best work I saw at The Armory last year was in the prints section? I guess I just did.Of course, the argument can be made that it's a free market and Frieze can do what they want to bring in the most money. Whatever. Even from that angle it's a short-sighted move. Wait. Don't take my word for it. Let's allow uber collector Martin Z. Margulies to speak for just about every collector on the bloody planet. From the first issue of Whitewall:"

Ed's Post on this subject was also great.I really, don't have much to add on this subject.

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