Sunday, October 15, 2006

Show I Missed

Here is a strange post about a show I didn't see at Seton Hill that just closed. The show is reviewed by a blogger, who also didn't see it. I think that we both very much wish that we had.

"The artist, starting four years ago on the anniversary of 9/11 -- and triggered by the media's replaying of the horror of that terrorist act -- started taking photos of media stories about terrorism she saw on her tv. She set up a tripod and camera in her living room and snapped black and white photos in a random, scatter-shot way documenting the drumbeat of terrorism entering her home. School shootings, sniper shootings, Iraq shootings and bombings, the London Underground bombings...the list is long

The idea that we are randomly but continuously bombarded by images of terrorism (is there ever a time when "breaking news" -- the code words for "drop everything and pay attention this is going to scare you" -- is not the screen crawl at the bottom of the all news channels?) is a thought we all know but mostly choose not to deal with."

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