Saturday, October 21, 2006

Milwaukee International & Bowling

I was checking out the list of galeries in the Milwaukee International and I am pretty blown away. One great new trend that I hope survives is that non profit alternative spaces are now playing a bigger role.

First the blurb from the website about all the other stuff planned.

October 20 and 21 2006
This year, for the first time, Milwaukee will host its own contemporary art fair. Twenty-eight of the world’s finest galleries are coming to share their art. The fair is open to the public and admission is free. Galleries, non-profits and nomadic curators from around the country and world will be participating, showing contemporary art in a genuine, old-school Milwaukee beer hall. Various events around the fair will offer visitors guided bus tours of the city, a performance night, a DJ dance-a-thon, a collage party and a panel discussion. Fair visitors can expect to find an eclectic selection of art spaces side-by-side under one roof, from submerging to emerging galleries, young artist-made product stores next to established non-profits, anonymously curated work and internet-based projects.

Here are some of the participants.

Ghosts Are Everywhere San Francisco
Bas Fisher Invitational Miami
Canada New York
Gavin Brown New York
The Green Gallery Milwaukee
Hermetic Gallery Milwaukee
Little Cakes New York
Jody Monroe Gallery Milwaukee
Hotcakes Gallery Milwaukee
Morgan Lehman Gallery New York
Angstrom Gallery Dallas
Ooga Booga Las Angeles
Locust Projects Miami
Other Gallery Winnipeg
Polvo Chicago
Western Exhibitions Chicago
Mark Muller Zurich
White Columns NY


Heart As Arena said...

Little Cakes RULES!

Are you going?

Selene dePackh said...

Milwaukee is an interesting locus, artwise. The Museum of Art on the lakefront would be an asset to a city of any size... & they recently held one of the first major retrospectives on comics as an artform-- plus they have All Those Bikes.

Too bad it's such a desolate place in some ways... but well worth visiting with an open mind.

John Morris said...

No Brent, I am really broke and busy. Honestly, i am kicking myself for not knowing about this one. Milwaukee seems really great and the fair seems to have a nice mix of stuff.

I hope very much to get something like that going here-- not a pure high end art fair but something like that with perhaps a spin towards small press, publishing and printmaking. The fact is that I don't think pittsburgh can support a major mega dealer fair right now.