Sunday, October 29, 2006

Creeps I Know Was Creepy

Well, not that many people showed up for creeps I know, but we had quality time and some really good creep stories. Merge, had a few real life personal ones that were first class. Also, a guy called the dirty poet was there with his mom ( wow being a creep in front of your mom! ) and had a fun little one. He also left us with a print out with some little poem gems that I wished he had read.

Here's one that fits my brain.

Halloween Parties are the best

women dressed up like sluts
or witches---
magic sluts

or heres punchline


the 20th century
a hundred years of surreal slauter and systematic savagery
from mustard gas trenches of world war one to neighbor-on-neighbor machetes of Rwanda
with Nazi bake offs and Hiroshima in between
remember the 60's? body counts on TV every night?
more people murdered per decade
than breathing in previous centuries
the 20th century
has for a punchline a simple question
put by a man famous for being a televised punching bag
cant we all just get along?

tell me Rodney-- what do you think?

(thank god we got our shit together in the 21st century )

Jean McClung told a scary family story that goes back to West Virginia
One of Merge's two is told on his blog and is the kind of story that should come with a description and APB.

One reason, i think hearing about other people's creepy or bad behavior is too get that feeling of-- ( wow, I'm not as bad as that ) and that was the rush I got. It was a kind of literate and facinating version of Jerry Springer and it was great.

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