Thursday, October 12, 2006

Open Call for Craft Artist's

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Open Call to Crafters
Timeline:October 7: Printed announcements availableOctober 26 - November 3: Drop off workNovember 6 - 10: InstallationNovember 18, 2006: Opening receptionNovember 30 - December 3: Lawrenceville Cookie TourFebruary 3, 2007: Closing reception
Digging Pitt Gallery - Side I and Digging Pitt Too will house Bright and Shiny Holiday this year. We wanted to give you an early heads-up so that you have time to prepare. Above is a general timeline for the exhibit.
All mediums are welcome. Please be sure that your work is ready to hang, display or install. Work may be two- or three-dimensional. No limit to the number of pieces submitted, emphasis on cash-and-carry work. Work not to exceed 16" in any direction BUT SMALL ITEMS, APPROPRIATE FOR GIFTS, ARE PREFERRED. You might want to bring in a bunch of pieces!
Digging Pitt is recommending that your submissions fall within the $5-$30 price range, but some higher-priced items will be considered. Gallery commission rate is 30% of the selling price. Please be sure that your submissions are labeled with your name and the retail price. Please be sure that your work is sufficiently protected from damage. (wrapped, boxed, cushioned.) If possible, please bring an inventory sheet with you when you drop-off.
If DPG doesn't already have your current resume and bio please send it to the gallery along with your RSVP. If you have an updated version, please send it on! If possible, please send images of work that you are submitting to the gallery by September 29. We will post as many as we can on the DPG site. Please send images to Please size the images at 1600 width on the longest side in jpg or gif formats.
Printed announcements are ready. Please stop by the gallery and pick up a few to distribute to friends, family and passing strangers.
We begin installing on November 6. The 4th and 5th of November will be used to de-install the previous show and freshen the gallery. If you are available to lend a hand for the installation, DPG would really appreciate it. We would appreciate it. Really. A lot.
The opening reception is on November 18 and the closing reception is on February 3. As you can see, this is a long show. We hope to have additional events at the gallery during this exhibit. Digging Pitt will be part of the Cookie Tour this year. But if you have any grand ideas for events at the gallery, let us know.

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