Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Carnegie International - Barry McGee + Mario Merz + Marisa Merz + Matthew Monahan

Barry McGee, image from Fragmented blog

Street art, a touch of graffiti. There are a lot of images in the e-sphere for Barry McGee's work. Not much criticism, though.

Igloos. More igloos. Even more igloos.

So, do you think an igloo is in store for CI08?

Marisa Merz

Marisa Merz was born in 1931. The images that I have found reflect a varied artistic practice, ranging from drawing to kinetic sculpture. Isn't that wonderful?

Matthew Monahan

Okay, so Matthew Monahan is known mostly for his sculpture. But this image really spoke to me. So, it might not be representative of what you will see at CI08. Also, see this page.

That's it for today's preview of CI08. More to come. Make sure your voices are heard on the Life on Mars blog.

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moha said...

yo guys! did you hear that Barry Mcgee is actually going to be featured in a film this summer? Its called Beautiful Losers and the trailer looks pretty awesome! check it out at: