Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Carnegie International - Richard Wright + Haegue Yang

The Carnegie International opens in just one week. The Post Gazette and the Tribune Review have both published several articles in anticipation of the exhibit. This link is to Google's news service.

Richard Wright

This is pretty much it, people. It's lovely, isn't it? There are actually several artists, writers and musicians sharing this name. An awful lot of search pages to go through.

Haegue Yang

Yang creates mostly installation art. Decidedly delicate installation art that incorporates light and smell. There is an interview on the Walker Arts blog that is pretty well steeped in artspeak. Great images, though.

It's a wrap. These were the last two artists on the list for the Carnegie International. Next up, what has Susan learned from all of this?


Anonymous said...

You've done a heck of a job giving a rundown on all the artists who will be participating. Really I wish I could go. Looks to be amazing.

Sus said...

Well, thanks. I hope to go, too.

Heart As Arena said...

Hell, yeah! Digging Pitt returns. B

Sus said...

Good to see you, too, Brent. Heart to heart.