Friday, April 18, 2008

The Carnegie International - Rivane Neuenschwander + Noguchi Rika + Manfred Pernice + Susan Philipsz

Rivane Neuenschwander I Wish You a Wish

Maybe its the ribbons; this work seems to me to be particularly feminine. Everything that I've seen so far has a feeling of beautiful, saturated color, very soothing. There is a review on Frieze that discusses Rivane Neuenschwander's themes in detail.

Noguchi Rika Works from the Sun

Japanese photographer. There is an interesting post on Tokyo Art Beat about an exhibit that this piece was in. There are also several works on the Asian Photography Blog. Very beautiful work, nicely varied. I think that this artist is one whose career you could follow and see continual growth and change.

Manfred Pernice

No No No. Seriously.
Manfred Pernice could be called a memorialist of the forgettable. This makes him an apt if obvious choice for the New Museum’s current ‘Unmonumental’ exhibition, but renders his new show, ‘diary,’ at Anton Kern curiously anomalous. It seems unusual, after all, that an artist known for refiguring the quotidian and anonymous structures of modernism should fly under such an ostensibly autobiographical banner. Read the rest of the Frieze review.

Susan Philipsz

Sound artist. Here are some thoughts.

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