Friday, April 11, 2008

The Carnegie International - Thomas Hirschhorn + Richard Hughes + Mike Kelley

Continuing with the catalog of CI08 artists we have Thomas Hirschhorn

Thomas Hirschhorn Unfinished Walls

Installation artist. More specifically, working with detritus. Looks like he is talking about consumerism in this particular piece. There is a great review by Jerry Saltz here. He is much more measured than I am and seems to be willing to take his time and really delve into this artist's work.

Richard Hughes

A sculptor, using many different mediums. In doing a quick search, I found at least two artists with the same name, a writer and a number of others. I am assuming it is this Richard Hughes because his work has been presented at the Tate. Seriously, I can't believe how many of the artists for CI08 have been presented at the Tate.

Mike Kelley Memory Ware Flat #18 (detail)

Ooohhh! Shiny!

Okay, that wasn't nice. First reactions and all. In looking at some of the gallery sites where Kelley's work is represented, I did notice that this artist is practicing pluralism. With a vengeance! I'm curious to see what he presents for CI08.

On another note, the CMOA has put up a Life on Mars blog, with a lot of stuff in the sidebar. It has tons of links to the artists in the exhibit. Hey, maybe I should have checked before I started posting on this, huh?

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