Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Carnegie International - Wilhelm Sasnal + Thomas SCHÜTTE + Ranjani Shettar

Wilhelm Sasnal Girl Smoking (Anka)

You can see more of Sasnal's smoking girls on his MyGallery page. But I thought the following quote on Raster was interesting --
Sasnal in a painter of the present day, his works often differ so much from each other that one could suppose they had been painted by numerous artists. However all of them share a common deep sensibility of the author which reflects both political, moral and aesthetic aspects of reality. Read more

Okay, you sort of get the gist. If you scroll down the page you'll see some examples of what the article means. I would say that Sasnal tends toward the narrative. Also, that the work seems highly polished.


Well, um. It definitely fits the theme of CI08's Life on Mars.

Ranjani Shettar Just a Bit More

Nothing ever goes away on the internet. This is from 2004 --
According to Douglas Fogle at the Walker Art Center, "The organic qualities of Shettar's work might be profitably read in the art-historical contexts of Arte Povera artist Marisa Merz, postminimalist sculptors of the same period such as Eva Hesse, Brazilian Neo-concrete artist Lygia Clark, or Argentinean artist Gego. Each structure invokes a shelter that is poetically suggestive of our oneiric ability to invest spaces with our own desires and phenomenological memories." Read more

Okay, artspeak aside, this is lovely. So were many of the other works that I saw. I am looking forward to what Shettar will bring to CI08.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the Shettar at CMA as it is being installed. It is so gorgeous, so lovely, I want to move in there and live underneath it, in it and around it.

Sus said...

Oh, spill! More details, please.