Friday, March 12, 2010

Cleveland Ranked 13TH Craziest City: Pittsburgh Ranked 18

Putting up posts like this may improve my blog stats which is why they will never go away.

The Daily Beast has it's list of "America's Craziest Cities" which of course use highly subjective criteria. How did they know which cities are most "stressful"? Will Pittsburgh lose the Furry convention to Cleveland?

Cleveland #13

Psychiatrists per capita: 11
Stress: 2 (tie)
Eccentricity: 43
Drinking: 29

Pittsburgh #18

Psychiatrists per capita: 22
Stress: 18
Eccentricity: 39
Drinking: 16

Can this be an asset? Both Pittsburgh and Cleveland are unique places--yet this is rarely played up.

Number one Crazy City------- Cincinnati #1

Psychiatrists per capita: 31 out of 57
Stress: 5 out of 57
Eccentricity: 12 out of 57
Drinking: 17 (tie) out of 57

Does the Queen City get it's drinking water from the Ohio River? The beer runoff from the South Side has to have an effect. They had the world's best mayor, an alumn from Forest Hills High School in Queens!

Jerry Springer profile by Laure Quinlivan from Laure Quinlivan on Vimeo.

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Christopher said...

Hello there, just making my early Saturday morning tour of Pittsburgh blogs. Euh, crazy is one of those buzz words people are saying a-lot lately, pretty fuzzy word that can be good or bad depending on the context. All said and done the best comment I can make under these time restraints is this: What isn't understood well is usually labelled as crazy by lazy people. I know so many completely sane people who have quite foggy minds.