Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jane's Walk Will Happen Saturday, May 1st : Details To Come

Good news, odds are very high that some kind of Jane's Walk will happen in Pittsburgh because at least one other very serious person is willing to work to put this together. Likely, I will be guiding or co-guiding at least part of it.

Stay tuned here for more info and also look for updates here.

Interested in helping--guiding? Email me

From what i can tell so far, fewer cities in the U.S. are doing this than last year, but a good number of these are hosting multiple walks, or rides or other related events.

Also, I think a lot of things will likely pop up in new cities and be listed in the next few days.

Still, no word on progress in Cleveland, but we know people were very interested in the idea on Rust Wire. Momentum and real progress will come for much more activity next year.

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