Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pleasures of Pittsburgh: Construction Junction

Holly Golightly went to Tiffany's when she needed a pick-me-up. I go to Constructon Junction. It is always a repository of fascinating stuff. From old and rusting and unidentifiable (but possibly useful in art work) items, to truly magnificent architectural artifacts.

Here is a quote from the website

Wow is this place amazing! Construction Junction is a place where you can donate construction or building materials that can be reused and also buy them. If you are trying to build green this is the place to get quality materials at a reasonable price. One of my company employees went there to take some paint that we needed to get rid of. Construction Junction will take paint (for free) as long as the can is half or more full and not rusted. I also was surprised to hear that their paint sells almost as fast as it comes in! It is nice to know that people are taking advantage of this resource. Check out Construction Junction on the web! They feature some of their new and unique items on there. They do sell some rare architectural details and other period items which have been salvaged from buildings.

Another plus about Construction Junction is that it is just HUGE. And, if you have an old house like we do, you can find replacement parts there that you would perhaps never find any other way. Because frankly, no one would bother to sell them.
We are really lucky to have this resource in the city.
Construction Junction website:

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