Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Nothing Is Impossible

"With each new exhibition and event, we are consistently blown away by the support from our online community. And we could really use your help again! I've embedded two sizes of electronic flyers (complete with corresponding HTML code) below. Feel free to help spread the word by posting these awesome MF Shannon-designed flyers within your social networks and emailing to the art-loving friends in your contact book. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated by the artists and all of us here at the MF! I hope to see you at the opening next Friday."

Yinz be down and jiggy with the latest way to buzz up their "product", down @ The Mattress Factory.

Lucky for us, the product itself is almost always worthy of the hype and that's the first rule of internet buzz. Deliver an experience people want to share and shout about and then let em do it for you.

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