Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yinz Cleveburgh Links

I know I said this would be once a week, but I have a backup. I also promised chaos which is what I deliver.


Governor Strickland ads support for bike and pedestrian access on new inner belt bridge.

“With a strong and growing bicycling community in Cleveland, a sizable carless population, and new development in nearby neighborhoods, it would be penny-wise and pound foolish to build this bridge with only cars and trucks in mind,” wrote Brown."

Rocked out Vivaldi birthday video.

The New York Times talks about ways states are trying to "help", small businesses, that includes the "I Buy Neo". campaign in Ohio.

"Last year, the Council of Smaller Enterprises began a Web site called “I Buy NEO” — that’s Northeast Ohio — where consumers can search for discounts and bargains at participating local businesses. So far, about 300 businesses as diverse as art galleries and home-improvement stores have signed up to offer rebates or discounts. About 11,000 cards, which cost $10, have been sold. “When a resident buys locally,” said Dan Roman, the council’s director, “independent studies have found 68 cents of each dollar stays in the community.” The current average for the region is 43 cents.

There is no charge for small businesses to join, and about two dozen companies have been signing up each month. Even though the program’s $150,000 budget for marketing, Web development, printing and postage is modest, Mr. Roman says, sales activity tied to the loyalty cards has increased 40 percent over the last six months."


Rust Wire posts the short documentary, "A Dream Of Youngstown", by Sean Posey.

"This documentary looks at the individual stories and struggles of
Youngstown citizens who still believe in the city despite all that has
transpired. These are people still fighting the good fight in a town
once given up for dead. As we enter 2010, we should not forget the
tribulations of the past, nor the trials of the present; instead, let
us look to a future where both can inform the tough choices that will
have to be made so that future generations may be willing to call
Youngstown home."


Null Space does a post comparing 311 systems around the country.

Aspects Of Lincoln, a comprehensive show of most of the known photos of Lincoln @ the Carnegie Library in Carnegie. (via Blog Lebo)

"Norman Schumm, 78, of Mt. Lebanon spent three weeks printing the 100 black-and-white photos from copy negatives of Lincoln photographs originally made from 1847 to 1865."

Active Mount Lebanon blogging community troubled by threats. Some may stop blogging.

I Heart Pittsburgh's, Lindsay Patross shares food and housing ideas on AOL's Rented Spaces.

"The top two housing markets in the nation right now are.... drumroll, please... Pittsburgh, PA and Louisville, KY. So says MSNBC.

Both cities have what a bunch of others do not: middle class affordability, low numbers of foreclosures, and stable pricing that indicates the market is neither too hot, nor too cold, but a Goldilocks-approved just right for buying or renting."

(Just wait till the angry bears get home!) Will comment on this later.

Big Flea Market coming to The Strip.

"Most cities have large flea markets. Even though Pittsburgh neighborhoods have their own niche flea markets, we don't have a big city centric flea market," she said.

For the April 18 debut, Ms. Surman expects to have more than 100 vendors set up in a lot at 21st and Railroad streets. There will be vendors selling antiques, collectibles, jewelry, vintage clothes and toys, plants, produce, recycled goods, furniture, and "garage clean out" fare.

Pittsburgh Post podcast about She's Out Of My League, which was shot in Pittsburgh in 2008.

Robert Morris makes it to the big dance for second straight year.


Israel based biomed company opens U.S. headquarters in Akron, to take advantage of close access to the Cleveland Clinic.

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