Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yinz Cleveburgh And Random Art Links

OK, I am going to try to bring back Yinz links on a weekly basis.

Not all the links will be from recent "up to date news", but will be more a sample of things I found online that could be of interest.


CMU, will buy and convert building into student apartments for 93 students.

Came Across great Franktuary website and blog (via I Heart Pittsburgh)

Report and ideas from the midsize cities conference in Pittsburgh.

Active debate about "Hipsters in Pittsburgh" on Pittsblog.

New York Times looks @ East Liberty. Discussion on Pittsblog.

Brent Burket Looks @ his latest Pittsburgh Art Trip @ Heart As Arena. (really a link to a two part post on Hyperallergic)

Brent posts on Hyperallergic about trip.

Silliman's blog posts video about Gtech project in Pittsburgh.

Roberta Fallon of Art Blog rides Amtrak from Philly To Pittsburgh, visits Giant Eagle that sells beer in Homestead and other stuff.

City in Iowa thinks it can learn from Pittsburgh.


Cleveland thinks about downtown casino design.

Cleveland admires Penn Ave Arts Initiative(via Null Space)

Photography of Cleveland SGS on Rust Wire.

Month of huge positive economic development news in Youngstown on Defend Youngstown.


Talent retention expert,Joe Cortright talks in Akron.

Sorry, many more but burned out.

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