Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Plenty Of Sleep When We're Dead @ Fast Foward Gallery Opens Friday

Got this email from Christian Breitkreutz.

"Make sure you don't miss out on my latest art show, Plenty of Sleep When We're Dead, coming up this Friday, April 2nd! It will be at Fast Forward Gallery in Lawrenceville/Bloomfield area."

We have a very, very busy art weekend coming up another really totally insane number of shows/ events opening on Friday, with the coming together of The Green Arts & Technology Festival, along the Penn Corridor and a Three Part joint project aligning FE Gallery in Lawrenceville with Space Gallery downtown and AIR, on the North Side.

This show at Fast Forward is not directly related but will open with the Unblurred. It looks like a must see!

Fast Forward Gallery
3710 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Anonymous said...

dude the title of your blog post is wrong.

John Morris said...

Thanks, I think it's fixed.