Friday, January 08, 2010

Another Note About Links

I'm gradually piling in a few new links, perhaps 6 or 7 in the last week and a good number before that. A lot of them are long overdue things like the City Walkabout blog on the Post Gazette site and the three City Paper blogs.

I just want to repeat that a link from this blog to your site is not complete endorsement of it's content. For example, I just added the Transportation for America site which is mostly a high pressure sales pitch and advocacy campaign for major government mass transit and rail funding. While I strongly endorse mass transit and even more importantly a return to the denser more walkable communities and design concepts that once made transit viable--as a Libertarian or Libertarian Republican, I don't think this is an area government should be in at all-- most especially the Federal Government. After holding my nose and looked further I had to admit they can be a good source of tips, articles, studies and links about transit issues as well as critiques of our flawed car oriented highway policies. I know it sounds nuts, but I actually think self funding privately owned mass transit and rail networks could become viable----if they didn't have to compete with the mostly "free" government highways. Freight Rail is coming back and hanging on in spite of a very unfair playing field and In Hong Kong a private company has made running a subway into a very profitable business. (while keeping fares pretty afordable)

I also hold an even more fringe view that a return to dense, mixed use urban design will make feet the primary transport mode.

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Anonymous said...

Diverse links are good.

Naturally, I'd love to see the Libertarian ones come first, but either way.