Friday, January 15, 2010

Reimagine The Leslie Park Pool

Ok, we all may remember the The Accordion Pool Party, an outpouring of energy last summer meant to get people thinking about the neighborhood's small outdoor swimming pool.

Now a series of meetings will be held seeking more input and ideas. I think this is from a letter being sent around.

"A pool again?" she writes. "A skate park? A spray park? A community arts center? The planning team wants YOU to share your dreams for the park site, and have a meaningful discussion and move forward. Everyone is welcome! Bring a neighbor, your teenager or grandparent. We want to hear from as many residents as possible!"

We all have our preferences but honestly-- I think pool works best but this is a sweet and potentially useful, well located and interesting space that could be adapted for an outdoor amphitheater or a skate park or perhaps allow many uses. But once again the root problem emerges of a lack of a good transit system capable of bringing the wider community there and the general lack of density in the neighborhood itself (related problems). Lawrenceville has a much smaller population than it once had.

Notice the somewhat threatening use of the term "residents", which is discouraging. Would a little input from a Bloomfield, Stanton Heights or Garfield resident be that out of line? I may be reading too much into that.

Read more on City Walkabout.


SFO Pittsburgh said...

It was never anyone's intention to discourage those not from Lawrenceville, but rather to encourage locals to be engaged in the process. Everyone is welcome!

John Morris said...

Well that's very good to hear because while this is a "community" pool and small local amenity, it's pretty clear people are seeking money and resources from a broke city in the form of tax dollars.

Active participation by nearby neighborhoods must be very actively encouraged.

At it's peak population, Lawrenceville had enough people to support lots of stuff mostly on it's own but sadly this is not the case today. It was also once better connected to the rest of the city with a better transit system.