Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jeffrey Deitch Press Conference @ LA MOCA

I found this youtube video of the Deitch press conference on the great blog, Culturegrrl.

Yes, I know this is a Pittsburgh Arts blog but one of my major goals is to try to raise awareness in the city of trends and happenings in the world outside.

Most of the systems and things we counted on in the past are in crisis. An old world is dying and we need to think about what will replace it. The museum director as aloof elitist prince in an ivory tower funded by a few government checks and a grants from a tiny number of supporters is over---thank god! Institutions must be loved, relevant and connected to their communities and the wider world on many levels to thrive.

More thoughts to come.

Good luck, Jeffrey!

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Adam I Zucker said...

LA has always had potential to be as great as NYC. The scene is just more diverse as LA is not truly an urban playground like NYC is. I hope that Deitch can bring great new artists to an already extensive list of names that he brings with him. It is important to represent the underknown contemporary artists still. I think that Deitch Projects has done a good job of doing that here in NYC.
We will see how it all works out.