Friday, January 08, 2010

Hollywood Dormont January Film Schedule

To the extent there's a theme to this blog or at least my post's on it, it's that the little things in the city that often matter most. And cheap ones are even better.

So in keeping with that, I celebrate the rebirth of Dormont's Hollywood Theatre, a good cheap place to watch classic, old, forgotten or just weird fun films in an actual theater. (Um, haven't been there yet)

This Month's schedule is very full and includes

The Original Batman Movie
North By Northwest
Grand Torino
Abbott & Costello
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Rocky Horror

See the full schedule here.

And yes, cause it's a suburb in the South Hills and not in the city-- you can take the T there! Well, actually it's more a little town just at the edge of the city with what could be a sweet but very small business district with a nice used bookstore, a good deli, small good diner; good Pizzaria, I think a cool looking pool hall and some other stores. I lived there for a few months off Potomac just above Banksville Road (really a nasty highway) The Hollywood was empty then. (Funny how we so often call nasty highways, roads or better yet "parkways". Are we ashamed?)

Hey kids, go play in the parkway!

More on the Theatre's history here.

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