Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mover Shaker Art Dealer, Jeffrey Deitch To Head LA MOCA

No time for a big post on this.

After the long boom/bubble, many, many institutions like LA's once leading contemporary art museum are in crisis. People are scrambling and fur is flying, but even so, I doubt many saw a move like this coming.

Once LA's leading venue for new contemporary art, Moca had been eclipsed by the revival of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Hammer Museum.

"These two had galvanized their institutions and their boards, siphoning attention, trustees, art and money away from their competitor. Meanwhile, the Museum of Contemporary Art was in debt and was just surviving by drawing down its endowment. In late 2008, to loud objections from the art-loving public, its board contemplated closing the museum and selling its collection or merging with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The temporary solution was only slightly more palatable: accepting $30million from Eli Broad, the former chairman of the museum’s board."

The Times article shows that Deitch's background as a curator and writer goes beyond just being a wheeler dealer. He may in fact be a great choice who can bring global Art World connections to the table. Keep posted for updates on this fascinating story.

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Adam I Zucker said...

I am not sure how this will all be played out. I can say that I enjoyed my visits to Deitch Projects here in Manhattan. The SoHo community is losing yet another great space (which will probably be replaced by a boutique). The question is will Deitch be completely focused on MoCA's mission plan or will he try to influence the museum to take on his artists?