Monday, January 25, 2010

The Paris Of Appalachia Book Review Coming Soon

I finally read long time Post writer and North Shore resident, Brian O'Neill's, The Paris Of Appalachia and hope to get a review up in the next few days. The book was very well written and brings a the sincere perspective and insights of a long time resident to the city. I highly recommend it. It's a fairly short, easy, fascinating read filled with personal stories of life in town-- or at least life in a small part of the North Shore. However, this is also it's great flaw. O'Neill just doesn't give a broad enough view of the city to back up all the sweeping conclusions he makes in the last few chapters. Ironically, I end up with a more positive and optimistic view of our assets and prospects than he does.

I will try very hard to get this up in the next few days.

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