Friday, January 08, 2010

Palm Springs Modern @ Carnegie Museum Of Art

Most people including myself don't always think about architecture, but as Julius Shulman says in the video above, it's something that affects our lives in the deepest way.

Anyway, the Carnegie has an absolutely fantastic show up right now of photos taken by the master photographer, Julius Shulman of the modern architecture of Palm Springs. Most are photos of the private second homes built for relaxation and enjoyment in a beautiful natural setting. A very high percentage of the masterworks of modern architecture are private homes and few places have as many as Palm Springs. Seeing these homes through the eyes of a master photographer who photographed the area over a lifetime takes things to another level.

The show is very well put together and includes a great film about Shulman in Palm Springs that puts things in perfect context.

Here's a blurb from Justin Hopper's review in the City Paper.

"In Palm Springs Modern: The Photographs Of Julius Shulman, at the Carnegie Museum Of Art, we can see Shulman's oeuvre in yet another light: as an attestation to the strange sublimity that defined the postwar American Dream.

Shulman's photographs of Palm Springs depict a time period readily identified. As second homes for movie stars and "mad men"-- houses for Sinatra and Doris Day join Kaufmann's in the exhibit- these were designs uninhibited by desire for privacy or workspace. They were "machines for relaxing in"."

Show closes Jan 31st.

Almost all amazing shows at the Carnegie right now. Be back with more thoughts like it or not.

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Visual Acoustics is a great film!