Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Frostburn: Burning Man For Snowmen

The theme this week is winter, something I actually haven't experienced full blast in the six years, I've been here; until now. But one doesn't have to go too far north to hit an area of reliable, extreme winter weather which for some can be an attraction in itself.

"Activities are artistic in nature. Installations are brought and set up, and art and music are created on site. A 25-foot snowman is built each year and set ablaze, the centerpiece for a huge campfire, and a homage to the culminating event of Burning Man.

It is also a test of mettle: Last year the mercury dipped below zero and that didn't include wind chills. Keeping warm is a task unto itself, but the participants create thematic camps that help to that end. One is a sweat lodge, another is a giant volcano, the inside of which is a cozy rec-room with kitschy decor.

"Its empowering learning that you can camp in zero- degree weather, you have to fend for yourself and be responsible," said Tarka"

Frostburn 2010 will go from Feb 12-15th, @ Coopers Lake Campground about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh.I think online ticket sales for the event ended yesterday, but will be sold at the gate for $100 per person.

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I would love to hear your thoughts if you are going.

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