Friday, February 26, 2010

"Precious" Author, Sapphire Speaks At Cal U

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OK, this event happened Wednesday, and I missed posting about it. It must have been a pretty big honor for Cal U, to host a talk by someone who is now having her moment as a "star writer".

Hopefully, someone will post a video of her talk which was likely very good. Sapphire's 1996 book, Push on which the movie was based came from her experiences as a remedial reading teacher in Harlem.

New York is a place where one is always sharing space with people with very different backgrounds and circumstances. This movie rang very true to me.

"Sapphire said she was inspired to write a novel that was the "complete opposite" of most fictional pieces where "women lose weight, find a husband and ride off into the sunset in a happy, fairytale ending."

"I hope the film will make people have more compassion for girls like Precious," she said. "I want to show girls like her that education can change your life."

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