Friday, February 19, 2010

Richard Florida: Creative Class Break

Eeeek here's another video of the slick, arrogant, articulate, know it all, picking on us again by saying the world is going to "reset" around the world's hip "Alpha Regions".

Should we listen? IMHO, Richard is pretty on the ball with his thinking. A nice little video here. Wondering what you think about him. A pretty bitter reaction to Richard broke out on Rust Wire.

His basic idea is that people live in cities because they want to and because they get tangible network benefits from living near other people. This by the way is also a Jane Jacobs view of the world.

To quote Richard in the video, "Place has replaced the corporation as the fundamental building block of our age."

I don’t think at this point this is really debatable anymore. It may very well be that large numbers of Americans still want to live in an isolated nuclear pod family with as little social relation to others as possible. The thing is that it’s now self evident that this just does not work on a basic practical economic level."

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