Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog Not Dead But Needs Help

Hello, sorry for not posting, I've been pretty busy and distracted, partly by dialogs and interactions on other more active blogs like Urbanophile, and to a much lesser extent Rust Wire and others.

I guess, I also get down comparing the blog with what I hoped it would be--some kind of active forum to see and talk about the city and it's creative communities from a variety of perspectives and view points, both from inside the region and outside.

"Art, Urban Design, Transit, Chaos and all that. A blog about really making Pittsburgh into one of the country's most creative and livable cities."

I still want that and I know there are enough smart involved people here blogging to get together and do something like that. I think we can see a string of days or posts on here that give a glimpse of the potential.

I'm still looking for people who think they can add a few posts a month and comments are always welcome. (I mean comments beyond-- Great blog, if you need auto repairs go to Joe Sixpack)


Unknown said...

I am currently doing some work for a couple different Pittsburgh blogs. However, I'm not very art savvy, but if you're considering going another direction with your blog, like you've mentioned in some of your posts, I'd be interested in taking on a few entries a month.
I don't want to leave my contact info for all to see, but I chose to have follow up comments sent to my email address.
If you comment back with some general contact info, hopefully we can further discuss!

John Morris said...

Hi Amanda, my email is

I wouldn't say the blog has so much changed course as perhaps widened it's focus.

Anything related to the general stuff in the header, walkability issues, Transit, Architecture and public space, Relations with the colleges, "Creative Class" and the the local economy and of course posts about the art scene here are welcome.

As you know, we/I have no money and at this point it's a volunteer thing.