Sunday, February 21, 2010

Terry Lee Trunzo: Long Gone But Never Forgotten DJ Returns To McKeesport

It can be hard to connect and make a mark in this region, but once you do--people remember.

Tube City, actually produced this amazing video about a long lost DJ who returned to McKeesport for what he thought might be a little trip down memory lane. What really happened was much more powerful.

"The sleepy 5,000-watt (daytime) AM station in the Elks Temple on Market Street was better known for its high-school sports broadcasts and ethnic programming than for rock-and-roll.

But Trunzo turned it into the unlikely top station for teens --- at least during his time-slot. And though the signal was limited to 1,000 watts at night, 1360 served as Terry Lee's launching pad for an impressive entertainment empire as concert promoter, record producer and owner of TL's Nite Train.

Pretty soon he was on TV as host of Channel 11's dance party show. And when 1360 became WIXZ, Terry Lee was the only disc jockey retained."

Slim rumors now are circulating that Terry may be thinking about moving into the area again. Terry will do another event on May 15TH.

Watch the video, it's really good and tells a more complete story.

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Chuck said...

I knew Terry in the 60's. He was a friend. The last time I saw him was in the early 90's when WIXZ was out in East McKeesport on leave from the Navy.