Saturday, February 06, 2010

Photographer, Dennis Stock Dies

Living in Pittsburgh gets one a little more tuned in to the Obituary page. Dennis Stock, a very prolific and talented Magnum Photographer isn't anywhere nearly as widely known as many of his images.

Dennis Stock : Photos Of James Dean

Dennis Stock : Photos of Hippies

"Mr. Stock was one of those photographers whose names are not widely known but whose work is instantly recognizable. Perhaps his most emblematic image, taken in 1955, was that of a young Dean, on the cusp of stardom, walking through the rain in Times Square, shoulders hunched, a cigarette jutting from his mouth.

Two years later he began working on a series of portraits of jazz musicians. They were collected in his book “Jazz Street,” published in 1960 with a text by Nat Hentoff."

I couldn't come up with a compilation video of his Jazz photography so just follow the link.

More images

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