Tuesday, February 02, 2010

PA Walks And Bikes Launch Party

OK, you might notice the blog's name change, an attempt to square the blog's name with it's content. Truth in Advertising is a good thing. My fellow contributors didn't vote on this, I did it since as the unpaid poster of the majority of content, I do feel a slight right of control.

A new group is being born allegedly to go beyond Bike Pittsburgh's concentration on urban biking and advocate a more complete view of a practical and sustainable city. Of course, the third leg of such a place-- mass transit is not mentioned. However, IMHO if you really, really get the other two down, transit access becomes much easier.

Another good thing is that it looks like this group intends to operate at the state level, which is very important since most road and transit issues are determined by the state or federal governments.

PA Walks & Bikes Pittsburgh Launch Party
Tuesday, February 2
7-9 PM
PRO BIKES Squirrel Hill
5876 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217 [MAP]

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