Friday, February 05, 2010

Joan Brindle @ The Irma Freeman Center For Imagination

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Sorry for a very half assed effort on this one. If you can make through the snow to Penn Ave's Unblurred, you will probably see a very beautiful show of mixed media works by Joan Brindle.

Joan throws pretty much any color, shape, material, decoration and memory into her work; a sure recipe for either spectacular failure or brilliant success.

I saw a few of her works at the center's opening group show of mixed media and salvage art and am very interested in seeing more.

Unlike many of the spaces on Penn, run by broke folks who have to keep regular jobs, The Freeman Center has regular hours.

This Exhibition will be up February 5 - March 13th

Gallery Hours are Saturdays 2 - 5 PM or by appointment

Joan's Artist statement.

“My work juxtaposes my enchantment with the intricacy, structure, complexity, and beauty of the natural world with an always-present sense of being overwhelmed and threatened by the same world’s aggressive fecundity, constant disintegration, decay and inevitable death.

My work is particularly influenced by the landscape, character, craft and culture of Appalachian West Virginia and Pennsylvania where I have lived most of my life. As a child, I roamed freely in what seemed to be the magic forests surrounding my family’s Beckley, West Virginia home. Now as an adult and a gardener by obsession, I create landscape collage with flowers, plants, trees, topiaries and found objects. The environment I am creating is my largest piece, which after thirty years remains a work in progress.”

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