Monday, July 07, 2008

Another Boring NY Times Loves Pittsburgh Story

OK, so if you've been following the NY Times like a true Yinzer with low self esteem, you might have noticed a fair share of nice mentions of the Burgh in the last few years.

The recent, 36 Hours in Pittsburgh is above average in that the travel writer went a bit beyond the Incline, Stillers, PNC Park, and the Warhol to mention gems like Brillo Box in Bloomfield and Zenith on the South Side. It's a keeper with a lot of nice info for anyone planning to stop by. Interestingly, the Carnegie Museum is not mentioned.

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John Morris said...

OOPS, The Carnegie is mentioned. But, Polish Hill, Milvale, East Liberty and MT Lebanon were not. That's cause Times really thinks we suck-- just trying to make us feel good.

Well, it won't work-- The Steelers are still mad enough to chew off a finger or two to get that ring back.