Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some Events On June I2th

Merge gave us some grasp on the orgy of events tomorrow night focused around the Gallery Crawl and the Gestures opening at the Mattress Factory.

But there are a number of good things to highlight on Saturday the 12th.

Brillo Box in Bloomfield will be hosting a rock show/ mini craft fair upstairs.

The MAKE SHOP ROCK SHOW is a fantastic culmination of craft and music. The evening centers around designers showcasing and selling their handmade work, alongside performances from Boston & Pittsburgh musicians!

Here's the line up:

Family Dinner for One (Boston, MA) | Ray-Min Shoulderware (Pittsburgh, PA) | Miaow (Boston, MA) | Early Jewelry (Lawrence, KS) | Built in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA) | Fresh Popcorn Productions (Pittsburgh, PA) | Cyrstala Armagost (Pittsburgh, PA)

Pete Spynda (Pandemic) |DJ Klaus (Certainly, Sir) |Triggers

Zombo Gallery in Lawrenceville hosts it's first aniversary with the mad pop art of Wayno.

Doo Dah Days celebrates the life and music of Pittsburgh's Stephen Foster with cemetary tours and a music festival in Allegheny Cemetetary in Lawrenceville running from 12:30- 5:30

"The trolley will depart from the front of the Conservatory. Each tour is identical and will take participants past the grave of Jane Foster, Stephen Foster's wife.

From there the trolley will proceed to Stephen Foster's grave where Eliza Foster (Stephen's mother) will tell a little bit about her son. Next the tour's partakers will be greeted by Jane Foster (Stephen's wife). Both women will give different views of the composer. Finally, the group will be invited to participate in a brief sing-along featuring two Foster songs."

Music will be hard core traditional and feature Frets and Feet, Pittsburgh Banjo Club, Home Front and Open Window.

The documentary, Singing Revolution will debut at the Harris Theatre downtown

A variety of drunk girls might sleep with you and or vomit on the South Side as usual.


John Morris said...

Well, they never sleep with me, but someday... one will drink too much and will look good. One vomited on me, so I'm making progress.

John Morris said...

This time, I got slapped. But there was a tender touch to it so I know she liked me. Can't be long before get a sensual knee in the nuts.

I'd like to thank her freind for calling the cops and wrecking our relationship.