Friday, July 25, 2008

Heather Pesanti Becomes Head Of Buffalo's Albright Knox Gallery

People relying on this blog for up to date info on everything should realise that this is a small operation and lots of things fall through the cracks.

"Heather Pesanti, Carnegie Museum of Art assistant curator of contemporary art, will leave the museum in October to become curator at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, N.Y., a museum known for its fine collection of modern and contemporary art.

Pesanti joined the Carnegie in 2005 to assist with "Life on Mars," the 2008 Carnegie International, curated by Douglas Fogle, Carnegie curator of contemporary art. She curated "Forum 58: Jonathan Borofsky -- Human Structures" and "Forum 60: Rivane Neuenschwander" at the Carnegie."

The revolving door at the Carnegie has likely just begun to spin. I wonder if Heather might help build alliances between The Albright Knox and the Carnegie. I would imagine both institutions have similar issues in terms of having strong collections and large facilities that reflect their once wealthy heritage.

Heather was the primary Carnegie curator that did studio visits with local artists and played an active role in curating local shows like a Gestures show at the Matress Factory and the recent show at Unsmoke in Braddock.

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