Thursday, July 24, 2008

Braddock Active Arts

Polina Soloveichik

I'm NYC, which I always get to by train. One treat was looking out the window and seeing part of a wonderful mural by Polina Soloveichick from outside the window.It was done as part of a project by Braddock Active Arts involving artists from all over making works and interventions throughout Braddock and North Braddock.

Braddock Active Arts is the project put together by artists like Swoon, and the Toy Shop Collective working in locations chosen by kids in the community.

"Points of Interest is a public art project instigated by Just Seeds member Swoon & her cohorts in Braddock Active Arts in Braddock, Pa (a steel town just outside of Pittsburgh). Just Seeds artists Swoon & Mary Tremonte, as well as 10 others, are making site-specific out-stallations at sites selected by Braddock youth. Public events over the next week include a Swoon lecture at Carnegie Mellon University and Shake Your Money Maker, an all-ages danceparty. Read on for event details. Who: BraddockActiveArts, a collective of artists and fledgling farmers are contributing to the latest population boom in Braddock, PA. We have moved to Braddock from Brooklyn, NY and Tallahassee, FL with a commitment to using artistic practice as an accessible tool for confronting the challenges of the post-industrial urban center. BraddockActiveArts aims to provide living models of possibility and transformation in order to catalyze sustainable growth and revitalization. We envision a community in which all residents are considered artists, empowered to change their own environments, and able to translate that empowerment into tangible social and economic benefits. What: Points of Interest began in January as a way to actively introduce ourselves to our new community as well as create meaningful opportunities to listen, meet and build diverse relationships. In response to the memories of the past and the realities of today, with deep faith in our collective internal ability to create growth for the future, we have invited twelve artists to create public art in Braddock and North Braddock. They are coming from Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, Portland, and as far away as Russia. The project will continue as we talk with neighbors about the impact the sculptures, murals, and installations have on their lives. When: Nearly twenty people will be in Braddock from April 6 -13 to build and document Points of Interest. Where: Points of Interest will be located on corners, walls, underpasses, and lots throughout Braddock and North Braddock."

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