Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shrinking Cities Data In Motion

Moving Datas from 1kilo on Vimeo.

Some people might remember my posts on the Shrinking Cities touring exhibit a while back. Thanks to Null Space, I found this amazing data visualization put together by the Shrinking Cities Project. The original exhibit dealt with four cities but obviously has expanded beyond that.

"From Fall 2006 to Spring 2008, the project Shrinking Cities will now present the results of its global investigation and its proposed concepts for action in a worldwide context. The tour focuses on some of the countries facing massive processes of urban shrinking. Since the 1990s, 25% of the world's big cities are losing population, and the tendency is increasing. The project Shrinking Cities is thus initiating an international exchange of experience with this until now neglected urban phenomenon, which has become a crucial issue of urban development all over the world in recent decades, in parallel to the rapid processes of urbanization."

A large series of touring exhibits and symposia have been going on including the show a few Years ago in Detroit and a very recent one in Cleveland.

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