Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pittsburgh Art Events: Weeekend of 7/25-27/08.

You'll have to excuse the late notice of this weekend's events, but truthfully I didn't think I'd get around to posting today at all. Through most of the year I've carried a backlog of a few entries that I can resort to if I don't feel up to writing. If I had a spare today, I would have posted it and called it a day. I've had a stomach ache that's been brewing since a particularly nasty interchange with a neighbor a couple of days ago. But an inspired trip to the local ice cream chain for a milkshake has given my gut other things to think about, so here I am with a late night post. Please forgive me its shoddiness.

On Friday evening from 4-9PM, the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild (located at 1815 Metropolitan Street on the North Shore) is having their "Family Day". You can see a live hot metal pour, or create a personalized superhero in the Digital Lab. And if you stick around, you can also be part of the reception for Space and Place, an exhibition of works from the Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors. There are plenty of artists featured in this show, including two of my favorites- Dennis Childers and James Rettinger. I'm a bit embarrassed to say I've never been to MCG... perhaps this would be the time to make my inaugural visit?

Well, that's only going to happen if I don't get caught up at the Encyclopedia Destructica Release Party for the first issue of Volume Coatlicue. The folks over at ED have been putting out this high-quality art "zine" for several years now. The books are hand-bound, alluring and quite collectible. The event (which includes music) is going to be held at 146 41st Street in Lawrenceville. It starts at 7PM.

Saturday brings us a long-awaited opening at La Vie Gallery (3609 Butler St., in the L-Ville). Shortsleeved includes work by Mike Budai, Jon Carling, Dan Chainer, Ben Kehoe, Melissa Kuntz, Danny Paracat, Thommy Conroy, James Maszle and Jairan Sadeghi. Not only will there be wall-hung work, but there will be wearable pieces as well. I was actually going to submit something, but never got my act together. Regardless, I'll certainly be there (it runs from 7-11PM). If you still haven't seen this space, you better make it a point to do so while you still can. Who knows how long great things like this can last?

If you want to get out of the East End, you could do worse than a trip to the Brew House (in the South Side) for a party celebrating "the success of Citywide Salon" (7:30-11PM). Have you noticed the presence of posters displaying artwork in the bus shelters around town? Well, here's you chance to see some of the original works. If you want to learn more about the project first, check out this article. They are promising food and drink. That in itself should compel a few of you.

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