Friday, July 11, 2008

Rust Belt Bloggers Summit In Erie Today and Tomorrow

I'm really, really sory for not posting about this event earlier. The first ever summit meeting of bloggers in the Rust Belt will kick of today in Erie. Here's the City Paper Story.

"This weekend, for the first time ever, bloggers from the entire region are being invited to meet face-to-face at a formal conference. The Rust Belt Bloggers Summit will take place in Erie, on July 11-12, giving members of the often faceless new media a chance to shake hands and swap notes.

Jim Russell -- coordinator of the summit and author of the blog Burgh Diaspora ( -- says he's not entirely sure what will come out of it, but thinks the type of networking and collaboration that already take place in Pittsburgh (through online communities like PodCamp Pittsburgh) could grow outwards."

Some people you might meet are the bloggers behind.

Outside Erie
My Brilliant Mistakes
Should I Drink That
Cleveburgh Diaspora
Null Space
Something To Be Desired
Erie Gay News
I Will Shout Youngstown

There may be many more people showing up-- I think a few more Youngstown Bloggers and almost surely a crowd of Erie Bloggers.

The Rust Belt Blogger Ring has 71 registered members including several in St Louis, Dayton Ohio, Buffalo,Cleveland and Milwaukee so it's any one's guess who might show up.

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