Monday, July 07, 2008

Art What You Got - Save the date

Okay kids, time to have a party.

We have been working on this for a few months now, down in Polish Hill. It is going to be an absolute blast! Seriously, you gotta come. Some of my favorite artists are going to be there, like Maura Doern Danko and Lauren Toohey. Also, live music from some terrific bands. I am especially looking forward to hearing Joy Ike. What I have heard on her MySpace page is pretty incredible.

Did I mention the food? No holds barred, authentic Polish cuisine coupled with yer standard festival fare. And pickles on a stick. No, really; and they're only 57 cents. Yum!

So, what else? demonstrations and hands on stuff to do --

Ice carving, provided by Mastro Ice
Origami hats
Face Painting
The Andy Warhol Museum
The Mattress Factory

Where is this happening? In Polish Hill, between 30th and Dobson on Brereton Street.

All kinds of information is available on the MySpace page. Check out the artists roster and the festival playlist!

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