Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Introducing -
Susan Constanse

John has referred to me variously as friend and sidekick, but my real role is gallery minion. I'm the nut-and-bolts at Digging Pitt gallery, as well as one of the gallery artists. I gotta tell you, I have been enjoying reading John's posts over the last week. Very funny, irreverant and relevant.

I told John that I would post on his blog while he was off biting the apple, so here I am. I also told him that I would guest post interviews for the Digging Pitt blog, so here is my first one.

me: Do you have any tattoos?

me: Well, no. I did have one airbrushed on during the Three Rivers Arts Festival last weekend. It was of a parrot.

me: Airbrushed tattoos don't count as real tattoos. What's the matter? Afraid of commitment?

me: No, pain. I'm a real wimp when it comes to self-mutilation.

me: Why do you think tattoos have become so popular over the last fifteen years?

me: Well, people need a little color in their wardrobe, but since artists are anly supposed to wear black, this is the only way they can get it.

me: You seem to be on the insede track about artists. Are you an artist?

me: Yes indeed I am!

me: Where can we some of your work?

me: Why, on the Digging Pitt Gallery website, of course.

me: Hey, thanks so much for your time.

me: No problem. Now, let me see. What did I do with John's meds?

(Stay tuned for more of these relevant and thought-provoking interviews.)

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