Tuesday, June 27, 2006

what's included? who's included?

Once again I am off on a subject that is too big for me to cover in one post. Ed got me thinking again about the art world as it now exists and the role that I want my gallery to play in it.

A few of his recent posts touch on the issue of who and how artists are included in the "system". This has been a big question that I have thought about a lot both before and and now after I started my gallery.

One of the first questions is did I or do many dealers do it for money? No. It's not accidental that a lot of conemporary dealers have familiar names like Boesky. ( yes it's that Boesky!) they are often very rich. Many are not, so what motivates them? A high % like Ed love art and also the social scene is not to be ignored as a factor. But, I think a good guess is that power is the driving motivation. The power to say that this is good and that is bad. I think this is a vital role, someone has to make choices and back them up. Dealers, curators and critics play that role.

So, is that the reason I started my gallery? NO. I think that the artworld needs something like a farm team. Some practical way to try to show the stuff that is worth seeing and some practical arena for experimentation.

To be continued

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