Sunday, June 18, 2006

offsite shows by gallery artists

Here are two Downtown Shows that include gallery artists. I want to apologize but from what I could see, niether gallery put any images of the shows online. I hope that no one is mad at me for trying to break the self imposed bubble that Pittsburgher's seem to love.

One show I have not seen yet, which is not something I should be forgiven for. Chances are very high that it's damn good.

Artists Upstairs June 2nd--July 14 . Haven't seen, but it includes two pretty amazing local artists in my files. Alexandra Etschmaier and Anna Divinsky. Alex has a large instalation in the show.

Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery This claimed to show "The Best of Pittsburgh" and they will take some crap for that. But, It is a strong show. It includes file artists-- Adam Grossi, Fabrizio Gerbino, Chris Craychee, Josh Tonies and Anna Divinsky. Brett Yasko makes a pretty awsome statement using the gallery windows.

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