Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Off meds again

So, at this point you can see I am off my meds again. Ed's post sort of sent me spiraling and having flashbacks. I think It's safe for people to come in my gallery but I am not sure. I have cleared my desk of sharp objects.

Me: For god's sake John take your meds. This is dangerous.

Me: I don't need them. I am normal, ( sort of ) It's the art world that's nuts or sort of rigged to make you nuts.

Me: Wht do mean, John?

Me: I mean, suppose someone had a job that requires one to give total attention to and put one under huge financial pressure to invest in school, studio supplies etc.... And, suppose that the chances of making eaven a bare living at this job was almost zero.

Me: But you love the job?

Me: Yes, but I love other things too. Let me finish. You can be rude! So, like this job likely doesn't pay shit, actually you are sort of paying to have the job since you are losing money or making a little. Then imagine that you had to always worry about losing that job, because you could be dumpted at any time. I mean you dealer says they love you ( the dealer, in my case was not Ed and I don't know anything about him. He seems like a prince. ) and are going to support your work.

Me: Doesn't the dealer live under the same pressure? Isn't it Tough for them?

Me: But isn't this sort of an unequal relationship?

Me: It could be-- Maybe, the artist is rich and the dealer is poor.

Me: That could be, You are right the dealer is under a lot of pressure too. They have invested in a space, ads and sit there investing thier time. Let's just say that the dealer is likely richer than the artist or has investors who are. The dealer also likely has other artist's in the stable and other stuff to sell.

Me: Ok, that's a rational assumption.

Me: Yes, It is! See I am not crazy!

Me: But, You are too hyper. Let's get a beer.

Me: OK, but who is buying?

To Be Continued

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