Thursday, June 29, 2006

what's included? who's included? Continued

So, like What is included in a gallery. What can you show, what should you show and what can you sell. I guess that's the big stuff one has to deal with when one starts a gallery. As, I said. I think the exclusive " this is the world's best artist/hottest artist" niche is sort of being covered and as I said, It's not why I wanted to start this place.

Me: So Why did you start this place? As you said it wasn't for power.

Me: That isn't exactly what I said. I meant that the particular power of choosing artists
and picking work was not my motivation. I like power and I like money. I never had much
but it looks attractive. I also love revenge.

Me: Oh, Gross! I knew you were a greedy dirt bag. I can't believe I sleep with you.

Me: Well, I don't love it either but that's life. So I actually thought that this would be a good way
to make money-- at least a little.

Me: Admit it this place is a rip off of another gallery. You are just a piece of work. And what's up
with the revenge stuff?

Me: So, you know I had sort of a hard time getting my work out there.

Me: Yes, we were broke-- didn't have the money to photograph anything (still broke send
money) and then I heard about this place.

Me: It looked like heaven to me.

Me: Me too! Wanna hug?

Me: Gross.

Me: So we thought this was the greatest thing. Here was a practical way for artist's to get their
foot in the door.

To Be Continued

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