Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why am I Here

This post will confirm what most of you who know me already know. I am crazy and I talk to myself a lot. So this an interview with myself about Why I am here.

Me : John, you were a somewhat succesfull artist represented by a major NY gallery. Isn't that What every artist wants? Why are you here?

Were you being abused? Did someone try to touch you in a bad place? You were in NY! Don't you listen to Frank Sinatra-- It's the place. How could you have ended up here?

Me: Well, now that is a great question--you are a great interviewer.

First, let me say that I was not abused by any of the galleries that I dealt with and DT, treated me well. They gave me nice shows, got me in good collections etc... . I think that I was imagining a level of stability and security in the relationship that they could not provide.

Me: What do you mean?

Me: Can I lie on this couch here?

ME: Yes.

ME: I think I am the kind of artist for whom the whole thing has to be all consuming. What I mean is that I actually was trying to make this my full time gig for life. I guess, I thought that was realistic. I thought that I might have some predictable income, have a life and push my work in the way I wanted-- all of that takes money. Which brings up the main reason I left, life in NY is not right for artists anymore!!! I meean I juusty c#$%!

ME: Time to take your meds John. Let's take a break

To Be Continued...

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