Saturday, June 17, 2006

Warhol Show

I'm back and feeling better.

Check out the Show at the Warhol now. The one on the NY art Scene from 1974-84. It's just so relevant to this city at this time and also so relevant to artists.

That was a time when NY wasn't loved by too many people. It was also the last place in which artists were not being followed around by real estate developers. Although, I was living in NY at that time. I was a kid for most of that period and lived in Queens. In a place Archie Bunker would have felt more at home in than the Ramones.

I will post on this again and hopefully have some links or something, if i can figure that out.


Jean McClung said...

John.....I am looking forward to seeing this exhibit.......with all its highs and lows NYC is always visually fascinating............

So , tell me, why do you think this exhibit is important for Pittsburghers to see now??

John Morris said...

Hi Jean,

I remember that period pretty well. I wasn't really part of the scene or anything but for most of that time I lived in NY. Don't believe the hype or the legend that now exists about that period. NY was in sort of bad shape. I partly don't remember a lot of the scene because a lot of it happened in places people got killed in every day.

This was a real art scene and it wasn't about money and almost no body made any.